Due to popular demand we will switch back to our old domain name infotechna.com soon!

Web hosting


Superfast servers, quick page loads, you and your customers happy!

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Virtual Servers

Do you need a server only for yourself, but a dedicated server is too much? A virtual server is for you!

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$ 6.27 /mo
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Bring your servers to our data center for hosting. They will have a good home.

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$ 38.50 /mo
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Dedicated server


Servers ready to be deployed with 1-click! Order and it can be up and running in a few minutes!

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$ 86.86 /mo
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Our company is serving customers to their satisfaction for 25 years

You can find a full range of internet services in our palette. From domain name registration, web hosting, virtual private servers through to dedicated servers, colocation, and even IP transit. If you have your own servers, you can send or bring them to us, and they will have an excellent home in one of our datacenters.

If you cant find the right package or need a specialized internet service, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to serve you.

Fast and reliable network

In Budapest, Hungary we have three data center locations. As we are constantly expanding we can also offer services in the UK, USA and the Caribbean and Latin America.

We have dedicated IP transit connections to global Tier-1 and Tier-2 prviders and we are also present on BIX. This assures low latency anywhere in the world and a huge amount of bandwidth available for any peak traffic.

We are not "resellers"

Our company is a member of the European RIPE organization, the Budapest Internet Exchange (BIX) and the Council of Internet Service Providers (ISZT). We are also an accredited domain registrar with our own AS (autonomous number) and IP address ranges. We have direct optical connections to domestic and international Internet backbone networks, thus ensuring the highest possible bandwidth and minimum latency. We have our own network with a fully redundant Juniper MX960 core router and Cisco Nexus switches.

Possibility of individual solutions

If you are interested in a custom solution, you would like to host more servers with us, or rent a complete rack, or buy IP transit (bandwidth), please contact us. We will work hard to give you the best European offer!

Why would you choose ServerGalactic?
Fast servers

Our company exclusively uses Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers

Web apps

With one click you can install one of the hundreds of popular web applications, “engines”, be it WordPress or an online store

Unlimited bandwidth

Our direct optical connections to the largest foreign and domestic Internet backbone networks ensure that our customers always have the right amount and quality of bandwidth available.

Enhanced security

Our administrators constantly monitor and update our systems to increase data security

99.9% Uptime

Of course, we also strive to keep downtime or technical errors to a minimum

Moneyback guarantee

If you are a new subscriber and for any reason would not be satisfied with our service, and we are unable to remedy the situation, we will refund the first month’s fee within 30 days.