Due to popular demand we will switch back to our old domain name infotechna.com soon!



  • max.50 Domain
  • DirectAdmin control panel
  • 50 email forwarders


15900.00 Ft /yr
  • 2 Domain
  • 5 SubDomain
  • 10 MailBox
  • 5 Database (MySQL)
  • 5 FTP
  • DirectAdmin Control panel
  • Let"s Encrypt / Zero SSL SSL
  • Online Support


25900.00 Ft /yr
  • 10 Domain
  • 25 SubDomain
  • 25 MailBox
  • 15 Database (MySQL)
  • 15 FTP
  • DirectAdmin Control panel
  • Let"s Encrypt / Zero SSL SSL
  • Online Support


58900.00 Ft /yr
  • 100GB SSD DISK
  • 25 Domain
  • 50 SubDomain
  • 100 MailBox
  • 25 Database (MySQL)
  • 40 FTP
  • DirectAdmin Control panel
  • Let's Encrypt / Zero SSL SSL
  • Online Support


200.00 Ft /mo
  • Admin felület, SSL, FTP, Backup, App Installer Fizessen felhasználás alapján!
  • Alapdíj 200Ft/hó
  • Tárhely 250Ft/GB
  • E-Mail fiók 100Ft/db
  • Adatbázis 1Ft/Mb
  • Aldomain 150Ft/Subdomain

    The web hosting services provided by Infotechna Ltd. offer an excellent choice for all customers. With packages of different sizes and features, everyone can find the solution that best suits their needs. And the simple and quick change of packages ensures that customers can easily adapt to changes in their needs.

    The different packages of web hosting services offer users a real opportunity to find the right package for their needs, depending on price and the services offered.

    The WebAdmin (as: admin) package is special in that it focuses on domain administration and name server record configuration, which can be ideal for those who want to have control over the services of multiple providers.

    Our new service is WebHost-On-Demand with no binders, a monthly fee service, payable in arrears. At the heart of the package, you can change it at any time and pay for what you use. Looking for a flexible package? This package has no limits.

    The flexible space allocation of the standard packages allows you to allocate space between different functions based on your choices, ensuring optimal use of web content, database, mail and FTP space, even by switching between packages.

    Convenience features

    Providing a number of convenience features is essential to improve the user experience when serving the web. These features may include intuitive user interfaces, drag-and-drop editors, and various templates that allow you to create custom web pages quickly and easily. Using the utility in the "SOFTACULUS App Installer" menu, you can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and over 100 other applications with a single click.

    Built-in data backup

    The built-in data backup feature allows users to flexibly manage their data, ensuring information security and availability. This feature can be particularly useful in case of unexpected data loss, for example due to programming errors or external attacks. Backup processes that can be triggered at any time by your storage manager, as well as restore options, increase system reliability and user peace of mind.

    Free SSL

    Easy installation of built-in SSL certificates is an important step towards web security. These certificates ensure that data is encrypted during communication between the server and clients. You can choose between free solutions such as Let's Encrypt and ZeroSSL, which offer automatically renewable certificates, and paid, higher level authentication options.

    Email and SPAM filtering

    Email account customisation is key to efficient emailing. The ability to set the size of the account, the number of emails that can be sent per day, and the possibility to set up blind messages ensures that the user's needs can be tailored to the email system. Fine-tuning SPAM filters and password protection firewall features further enhance security and user experience. These settings help users to tailor the mail system to their needs, whether for individual or corporate use.

    The full-featured control interface offers users a wide range of configuration options, including domain name settings, subdomain management, DNS record configuration, FTP access control, password management, database management, domain pointers and redirects, PHP configuration, scheduled tasks, two-factor authentication, and password-protected directories. In addition, webmail interfaces are also available to users, with different appearances such as Roundcube or SquirrelMail. These features allow users to fully customise their web environment and effectively manage their online presence.

    Reliable server operations are key, where continuous availability and fast data processing are essential. Our strategy of deploying multiple independent servers in different locations not only increases security, but also improves system performance and reliability through load balancing. This approach allows the system to run smoothly even under heavy traffic, while reducing the risk of downtime.

    Don't have a website yet? 

    Select and register a domain name, choose the right hosting package for you (you can change this later), upload the files or install the web applications with one click. You can use the online website builder for free or our designers can provide a custom quote based on an assessment of your needs.


    Webtárhelyeink jellemzői
    Maximum power

    Fast Xeon multiprocessor servers with SSD storage and high-bandwidth Internet connection

    Moneyback guarantee

    If you are a new subscriber and not satisfied and for any reason and we are unable to remedy the situation, we will refund the first month's fee within 30 days.

    Enhanced security

    Our administrators constantly monitor and update our systems to increase data security

    99.9% Uptime

    We also strive to keep downtime or technical errors to a minimum

    One click web apps

    With one click you can install one of the hundreds of popular web applications, “engines”, be it WordPress or an online store

    Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

    Protect your website with a free SSL certificate


    Configuration via the web interface allows customers to directly manage their own services, such as DirectAdmin or Virtualizor. This type of self-management significantly reduces administrative burden and increases efficiency. It is important to note that any individual configuration or modification request ordered from the customer support team, whether via email or phone, is subject to a fee.

    Prices for ad hoc additional services related to Web Hosting packages:

    Name server (DNS) change in the registry system - Free of charge

    Customer data modification (address, phone, e-mail, etc.) - Free of charge

    Package change - resize hosting package  - Free of charge

    E-mail account creation, modification, forwarding: first (account) 9.00€ / 1,50€ additional

    Data export from central backup from 20.00€

    DNS record addition, modification (CNAME, TXT, etc.) 9.00€/ record

    Let's Encrypt setup. 15.00€/case

    Remote desk help: 12.00€ /30 min

    Administrator (system settings) 17.50€ /30min

    Data recovery from central backup 17.50€ /30min


    Prices are exclusive of VAT / each started half hour counts as 30 minutes.

    Additional services can be ordered in writing via our ticket system. When ordering, it is important that you provide your domain name or username, which will allow us to process your order quickly and efficiently. Orders will be processed within five working days of receipt, which will begin upon receipt of all required information, including any paperwork. Please note that services are invoiced after completion, which ensures that you only pay for services successfully provided.

    General information.

    Shared hosting is an economical solution where users share server resources so that everyone has equal access. However, if a user compromises the stability or performance of the server, we will notify you, but we may also suspend the service.