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Our IP transit connections to the Global Tier-1 internet backbone providers:

transit network
We are present in 4 locations in Budapest, and thanks to this, we are connected to the largest backbone networks in the world with optical fiber. In addition, our direct peerings with Hungarian internet service providers ensure the reliability of domestic internet traffic. In addition, we are located abroad in several countries, including Serbia, Great Britain, the United States, and Belize.

We have several options. Our Tier-2 server room satisfies the needs of our cost-sensitive customers at better prices. The Tier-4 V188 data center with full redundancy symbolises the pinnacle and is home to sophisticated solutions.

We base our service on the Juniper MX960 Core Router, which is complemented by a number of Cisco Nexus Switches. We have multiple 10Gbps connections to the largest foreign and domestic service providers. Both IPV4 and IPV6 are available.

Zay DC, Zay utca 3, Budapest. Tier-1

V188 DC, Váci út 188, Budapest. Tier-4

BIX DC, Victor Hugo utca 18-22, Budapest. Tier-2

We have many 10Gbps links to upstream providers and internet peers.

Our IP transit and peering connections:

– Hurricane Electric


– United Telecom (Centurylink/Level3, Telia, RETN, GTT)

– BIX (Microsoft, Amazon, Deutsche Telekom/Hungarian Telekom, BH Telecom, British Telecom, Cloudflare, DIGI, GEANT, Google, SBB, Leaseweb, Internet CZ, Liberty Global, Omonia, RDS, Romtelecom, T-2, Telenor, Türk Telecom, Vimpelcom, Vodafone, etc.)

The V188 DC is a completely redundant Tier-IV facility, a former Bank data center. It has two separate air conditioning systems, an automatic inert gas fire extinguisher system, two carrier size Riello UPS installations.
The building also has two separately router power connections form two transformer substations and two 250KW diesel generators with automatic switchover.

There are many many dark fiber lines connecting the data center all taking separate routes in the city. 

There is also roof access in the data centers, and it is possible to install satellite dishes on request for a monthly fee.