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We are present in 4 locations in Budapest, and thanks to this, we are connected to the largest backbone networks in the world with optical fiber. In addition, our direct peerings with Hungarian internet service providers ensure the reliability of domestic internet traffic. In addition, we are located abroad in several countries, including Serbia, Great Britain, the United States, and Belize.

We have many 10Gbps links to upstream providers and internet peers.

Our IP transit and peering connections:

– Hurricane Electric
– United Telecom (Centurylink/Level3, Telia, RETN, GTT)
– BIX (Microsoft, Amazon, Deutsche Telekom/Hungarian Telekom, BH Telecom, British Telecom, Cloudflare, DIGI, GEANT, Google, SBB, Leaseweb, Internet CZ, Liberty Global, Omonia, RDS, Romtelecom, T-2, Telenor, Türk Telecom, Vimpelcom, Vodafone, etc.)

Our datacenters

We have several options. Our Tier-2 server room satisfies the needs of our cost-sensitive customers at better prices. The Tier-4 V188 data center with full redundancy symbolizes the pinnacle and is home to sophisticated solutions.

Our network

We base our service on the Juniper MX960 Core Router, which is complemented by a number of Cisco Nexus Switches. We have multiple 10Gbps connections to the largest foreign and domestic service providers. Both IPV4 and IPV6 are available.

Tiers, or levels, are ways to differentiate the requirements of each type of data center operator, with a focus on redundant components, critical load distribution paths, cooling, and many other specifications. As it stands now, there are four tiers, and as you would expect, they are defined precisely.

Tier 1 to 4 data center is nothing but a standardized methodology used to define uptime of data center.

Tier 4 data center considered as most robust and less prone to failures. Tier 4 is designed to host mission critical servers and computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems (cooling, power, network links, storage etc) and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access controls methods. Naturally, the simplest is a Tier 1 data center used by small business or shops.

Tier 1 = Non-redundant capacity components (single uplink and servers).
Tier 2 = Tier 1 + Redundant capacity components.
Tier 3 = Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Dual-powered equipments and multiple uplinks.
Tier 4 = Tier 1 + Tier 2 + Tier 3 + all components are fully fault-tolerant including uplinks, storage, chillers, HVAC systems, servers etc. Everything is dual-powered.

Data Center Availability According To Tiers

The levels also describes the availability of data from the hardware at a location as follows:

Tier 1: Guaranteeing 99.671% availability.
Tier 2: Guaranteeing 99.741% availability.
Tier 3: Guaranteeing 99.982% availability.
Tier 4: Guaranteeing 99.995% availability.