Place your server in our datacenter

3 locations in Budapest, Hungary.

Several available datacenters

  Zay DC, Zay utca 3, Budapest. Tier-2

  BIX DC, Victor Hugo utca 18-22, Budapest. Tier-2

  V188 DC, Váci út 188, Budapest. Tier-4

Our IP transit and peering connections:

– Hurricane Electric
– United Telecom (Centurylink/Level3, Telia, RETN, GTT)
– BIX (Microsoft, Amazon, Deutsche Telekom/Hungarian Telekom, BH Telecom, British Telecom, Cloudflare, DIGI, GEANT, Google, SBB, Leaseweb, Internet CZ, Liberty Global, Omonia, RDS, Romtelecom, T-2, Telenor, Türk Telecom, Vimpelcom, Vodafone, etc.)


What is colocation or server hosting?

To colocate, the client must have its own physical server. The customer does not rent a server from the hosting provider, rather just rents space like in a rental storage company. The client physically forwards the server to the placement provider’s business location, usually a data center. The client only rents space in the data center, but retains ownership and control of all hardware and software settings on the server. By communicating with the placement team, the customer can quickly change features such as bandwidth and rackspace to suit their business needs.

The main reason most companies choose colocation hosting is the security they provide. While many former collocation users have moved to the “cloud” due to ease of use, endless resources, and competitive pricing, there are things for which the cloud service is not ideal, namely the level of security and control.

Under EU regulations, companies can only store customer data on servers in the EU, and many large cloud providers are unable to do so, or only partially.

Additional benefits of colocation

With colocation, small and medium businesses can apply a sensible solution to enterprise-class hosting capabilities through a shared hosting environment and on-premises support. This allows the business to play on a fairly high level of technology, just like large multinationals.

Additional benefits include:

High bandwidth and low latency: The server is connected to the colocation hosting provider’s network, providing access to an industrial-strength Internet connection. You can also contract with other service providers present in the data center for additional connectivity options.

Unlimited performance: No solution is 100% risk-free, but it relocates server security from your office to a location built to prevent power outages, among other things. The colocation hosting facility provides access to uninterruptible power supplies, and generators.

On-Site Monitoring: Most data centers employ security professionals or support technicians who monitor the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year for unauthorized visitors. They control who can access the data center.

Advanced climate control systems: Servers with optimal efficiency require the maintenance of perfect temperature and humidity requirements. The colocation hosting facility is equipped with a customized air conditioner that allows data center managers to properly maintain ideal environmental conditions.

Live Equipment Monitoring: In a typical office, the first indication that hardware needs to be maintained, updated, or replaced is when something goes wrong. This slows down or stops work and can cause problems. With colocation hosting, IT professionals constantly monitor your equipment to ensure it is working optimally.

Managed Service Opportunity: At your site, your servers can be managed by a contracted IT person, a part-time employee, or a full-time employee who reports additional responsibilities to your company.

By using our managed services, our staff maintains your servers, so it does not require an IT professional on your part.

Our optical network in Budapest embraces the most important data centers so we can ensure the best domestic and foreign connections.

Do you want to place your servers in a foreign data center?
There is a solution for that too!

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If required, antennas can be placed on the roof. Please inquire about this at our customer service.

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